Postpartum Care

We provide you with the emotional and physical support you need following the birth of your child.

Your body goes through a lot after giving birth. If you don’t feel your best after having a baby, it’s no wonder. Your body is recovering from a birth that was, at the very least, physically taxing. It is turning off the pregnancy changes that have held sway for nine months. And it is turning on your mothering systems—from lactation to that alarm that goes off in your head when your baby cries. Some of these changes are not pretty, but they are pretty impressive. A caregiver can help you go through these changes smoothly by allowing you to have rest while the caregiver looks after your new born.

When you are breast feeding; the caregiver will make you a hot cup of coffee or milk, support your back with a cushion, offer you a snack or hold the cell phone for you when it rings. The caregiver can spend hours, days or weeks with you while you are recovering from giving birth to your baby.

Postpartum Care services include:

  • Breastfeeding support
  • Nighttime care
  • Sibling babysitting
  • Meals
  • Mobility

Our caregivers will give you further support services depending on your needs.


In a recent Stats Canada report, receiving care at home was a reality for 2.2 million Canadians or 8% of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over. In most cases, care recipients relied on the help of family and friends, though they often combined this care with help from professionals

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