Personal Care

Our personal care services allow our Lower Mainland Vancouver seniors and all those in need to stay in their homes for as long as possible, maintaining their independence. Given the right support, quality of life can be improved while receiving care at home. To get started, email us at with your inquiry or call us at (778) 788-5578.

Our compassionate caregivers offer a wide range of personal care services for the elderly and others needing assistance. Maintaining a good level of personal hygiene is important for the health and wellbeing of those whom we care for. Bathing assistance is included in personal care—spanning from sponge baths for seniors who are less mobile, to supervision in the shower or bathtub to ensure their safety. It also includes grooming, dressing, transfers, and medication reminders.
Our personal care services include assistance with:

· Eating
· Oral Hygiene
· Self-administered medications 
· Bathroom needs
· Tub baths, showers, sponge baths, and bed baths
· Skincare such as applying lotion to dry skin
· Dressing and undressing
· Grooming needs such as hair care.
· Morning and Bedtime Care
· Mobilization activities including transferring, exercising, and walking
· Respite and palliative care
· Foot care

NOTE: Many Home Support Services are included with Personal Care services at no
additional charge


In a recent Stats Canada report, receiving care at home was a reality for 2.2 million Canadians or 8% of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over. In most cases, care recipients relied on the help of family and friends, though they often combined this care with help from professionals

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