Seniors have unique needs when it comes to housekeeping. It’s normal to slow as we age and to need assistance around the home. Health problems can reduce the activities a person can do. For example, a sore back or an injured limb can prevent a senior from bending down or using cleaning equipment properly. To get started, email us at with your inquiry or call us at (778) 788-5578.

Housekeeping for seniors and individuals with special needs is an excellent option for this type of assistance. Light housekeeping services help maintain a senior’s independence to remain living in their own home surrounded by friends and family. In addition, our qualified caregivers can provide additional services such as cooking, clothing, bathing, medication reminders and more.
Light Housekeeping duties include:

· Vacuuming
· Changing bed linens
· Laundry, washing and drying
· Floor cleaning, sweeping and mopping
· Emptying trash cans
· Cleaning counter tops
· Wiping down kitchen appliances
· Organizing closets and cupboards

A housekeeper will also report potential maintenance issues or safety hazards to the management.


In a recent Stats Canada report, receiving care at home was a reality for 2.2 million Canadians or 8% of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over. In most cases, care recipients relied on the help of family and friends, though they often combined this care with help from professionals

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