We care because we are one family

Our caregivers are the face of our services. Not only as they background checked, bonded and insured, but they have qualities that make them special. Take a look at some of these caregivers  qualities..

Qualified and Experienced

Whether you need a companion or someone to help you with personal grooming or housekeeping chores, we match you with a caregiver that is qualified, has experience in caring for others, and suits your needs. Whether you require the caregiver to speak a certain language or have a gender preference, we are here to serve you.


Compassionate with a big heart

Our caregivers are great people that feel fulfillment in caring. They have big hearts and are willing to sacrifice for the comfort and security of others.

Cheerful with a positive attitude

Research found that smiling has therapeutic effects, and has been associated with reduced stress hormone levels, increased health and mood enhancing hormone levels, and lowered blood pressure. That is why our caregivers are cheerful, positive people. And given that smiling is contagious, our clients will have a hard time suppressing their smiles.


A wonderful friend who loves to have fun

Our caregivers are energetic and vibrant. They will plan activities our clients enjoy and help them relive their favorite pastimes.


In a recent Stats Canada report, receiving care at home was a reality for 2.2 million Canadians or 8% of the Canadian population aged 15 years and over. In most cases, care recipients relied on the help of family and friends, though they often combined this care with help from professionals

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